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Sunday, August 20, 2017
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CMS (content management systems) are increasing in popularity for a variety of reasons; first of all, not everyone has the training or desire to build a web-site/portal from the ground up; and many CMS products, such as DotNetNuke, provide access to an incredible amount of functionality that even experienced programmers would rather not develop themselves; and finally, the cost savings are enormous. Where else can a person with basic computer skills and limited funds create a web portal for their own customers, their own inventory, and their own objectives?

What is skin development? Skins are design templates that can be injected into any CMS, and then customized to change the appearance of the entire installation, individual web-sites, as well as individual web pages and containers. What are the benefits? You can create a professional looking web-site for a fraction of the cost. What makes this approach useful, however, is the fact that you can change the look and feel of your web-site in just a few minutes. Easy to use, fast, and gorgeous!

How do we design our skins? First and foremost, we constantly evaluate the applications that are likely to be used as part of the target framework, and how our skins should be optimized so that they work with the modules – rather than against them. We also determine the target functionality for the skin itself; for example, some skin packages support PNG image files with alpha transparency, some of them are designed for backward compatibility, while others are focused on accessibility and standards compliance.

As soon as we establish the previously mentioned formalities, we open up the flood gates on creativity. Our experienced designers know how to create an effective web presence, and are willing to take risks in order achieve the desired result.  We'll even provide you with FREE Design Comps to showcase our talents and vision for your project.

Call us at 865.405.3491 or e-mail us at sales@rocketportals.com for more information.

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